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Dream Anxiety Syndrome :iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 0 0
Mature content
Commission :iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 1 2
First in a long time... by Edgars-Apprentice First in a long time... :iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 1 1
Hidden liar
The more people I meet, the more lies I spread. I wear a mask that no one even knows exists. I wear a mask so thick that even my closest relatives and friends can't see through it. I have been lying for so long that I have memorized every lie, person I said it to, and how I normally act. Will they ever see the real me? Will this all come crumbling down one day? Will my name be cursed? And what will I do if the answer is yes?
:iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 1 0
Why won't the rain stop?
   Distractions are everywhere. The guy at the coffee house, the stray dogs and cats, the children in the street, but nothing is more annoying than rain. It turns my mood especially sour. I wish to be left alone, to wallow in my misery. I want to plan this world's destruction and see if I might live to bear witness to the decaying corpses lying in the scorching heat. I would relive every nightmare, hurt, or trauma I've ever had just to feel something other than happiness. But this damn world and all of its distractions keep my from fulfilling all f these tasks! 
   I am... different, you might say. Happiness hurts me, and sorrow intrigues me. If I feel the emotion "happy", then my stomach will knot up, and I'll feel more pain than I care to remember. I hurt so bad that I break down sobbing. The only thing that can push away this tremendous ache is pain. Pure, un-concentrated pain. I need to focus on things like gouging out my eyes in order for this to work, but
:iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 3 2
Is my pain entertaining?
Why do you mock me? Am I really that strange? They distorted my image with acid and tools, and now you laugh at my misery? Am I that funny? The girl with the scars is now a sideshow attraction? They scream at me, beat me, and tell me I am unloveable, and you sit and gawk and chuckle at my misfortune. I was taken from home by these men, abused and kicked around, and now I may never go home. My family will no longer accept me. Same goes for all of us in this bloody circus. We are cast out, so we have no where left to run. We are better off dead here. Even if we escape, we'll never make a life anywhere. Even our mothers will turn their backs on us. What mother could love a freak? What human would love us? I have just one question for you. Is my pain entertaining?
:iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 3 0
Why is it always so dark?
Why is it always so dark? Why can't I see? Why is this voice shouting at me? What did I do wrong? Another mistake? Why? What? How? "You worthless... Why can't you... Stand up dammit!... Monster!... Freak... Get up!... Your act!" Why is he so mad? Why can't you be here now? Where did you go? You were amazing! Why aren't you here? I want you! I need you! Where are you? I can't do this alone! I cannot see without you! Where did you go? "Worthless circus monster! Why can't you do what you're told!? Stand up dammit! You horrid monster! You bloody freak! Get up! Do your bloody act!" The voice is so near and loud! Where are you? I need you! I can't go on alone! Help me! Save me! Come back! Why is he shouting? Why can't he see you're not here? Why aren't you here? I want to see you! I need to see you! I have to see you! Please come back! Why can't I see? Why is it always so dark?
:iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 2 0
What do you see?
   The world is crumbling. Ending, if you will. There were no bombs, no magical Armageddon, and no mutations that kill us all. It was all simply created by the humans of whom had supposedly owned this earth for millions of years. First, the lowest level caved in, collapsing on itself. This of course took the middle class by surprise, and when the neglected and mistreated broke free, the prisons were over run. We were left defenseless against every criminal and psychopath that we had feared over the years.
   The high class hired bodyguards, dogs, put up fences, anything that protected them and their precious money from plunder. The dogs were killed, bodyguards paid of to be spies, and fences were useless. Not that money mattered anymore. You could simply steal anything you wanted, what with the police, FBI, and the entire government over run. Friends turned on friends, family on family, and the world seemed to implode into hell itself. Any self righteous bible-humpe
:iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 2 0
Jezebel finished by Edgars-Apprentice Jezebel finished :iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 1 2 Jezebel unfinished by Edgars-Apprentice Jezebel unfinished :iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 1 0
Clinical is Critical
Forced to pay,
Locked away,
Declared insane,
In so much pain.
They wither to dust,
By the people they trust,
The life they live,
They will not forgive.
They're crying,
Some dying,
Feel their dread,
until they're dead.
Listen to they're screams,
Under the wooden beams,
Tied by cloth and chains,
As the full moon wanes.
Hear their nails scratch the doors.
Won't you feel some remorse?
Destruction of minds,
Behind all of your binds?
They suffer for crimes,
Souls covered in nasty grimes,
Such pitiful eyes,
Filled with lies.
Don't you understand,
That their pain is in your hand?
Can't you try,
To hear them cry?
:iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 1 2
My two main nationalities in grayscale by Edgars-Apprentice My two main nationalities in grayscale :iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 1 1 Akuma's oc coloured by Edgars-Apprentice Akuma's oc coloured :iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 0 25
Wonderland is Destroyed
  It's been two years since the war started. "The Travesties" as they are referred to, attacked or homes with brutal force. Children, women, the elderly were all slaughtered. Basically anyone with no experience in fighting or just wasn't fast enough was murdered. For two years friends killed friends, families turned on each other, and more and more Travesties ambushed our beloved "Wonderland". All hopes of survival have been lost, along with our supposed leader, Alice.
   She left Underland after killing the Jaberwalky, but she should have stayed. The Red Queen was the least of our worries, but no one told Alice of The Forbidden Territory. The ruler of The Travesties is one known as, "The Death of Us". As soon as he heard that Alice had left, he sent his min
:iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 0 0
What Death is...
   I may have only been gone a month or two, but I've tried my hardest to consider what we know about Death. The tradjedy of it all is enough to make the guilty insane sociopaths and serial killers, and yet, some die peacefully amognst friends. There are a select group of people that believe you are tied to the Earth forever, and the other's say that we go to either Heaven or Hell.  My version of Death is quite different...
   When you die, you have no knowledge of it. You simply find yourself in your home doing your normal routine. While in the middle of a task you hear a knock on your door. You step towads the door, but instantly feel the wieght of dread on your shoulders. You swallow a lump in your throat and continue on, each step brings on a new level of fear, until you can't stand it anymore. You want to run, but find your hand already on the doorknob. You try to let go, to run to the safety of your bed, but with every tug you give you hand burns m
:iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 0 3
Line art colour by Edgars-Apprentice Line art colour :iconedgars-apprentice:Edgars-Apprentice 1 0
Come one, come all! Visit my circus of writing! Fights appear, romance occurs, drama, action, horror, all flying over and through your imagination! Feed your intellect!


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These managed to fit in my favourites even though I'm a narrow minded person. Feel free to browse!

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I was recently commissioned to do a short story, and I realized, I almost never get commissioned. So, I think it's time I stepped it up a notch. I want to put myself out there and truly showcase my writing. The problem is, I don't know how to do that. So, I'd like it if you didn't ignore this and gave me a bit of advice. Any is helpful. Thanks :)


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